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We all know kids need to move!  Regardless of ability or athletic experience, CrossFit Kids provides an opportunity for ALL children ages 8-13 to exercise in a FUN and age-appropriate way and instills a lifelong love of fitness and a positive association with exercise. It is proven that in addition to all the various physical benefits, exercise and movement also provides clear mental health benefits for our children. One of the most important things CrossFit Kids does is build confidence and give the young athletes a skill set that can be transferred to any aspect of their lives.

The main goal of each class is to have FUN while learning functional movements, gymnastics progressions, strength training and metabolic conditioning. Led by a CrossFit Kids Trainer, young athletes will be provided with countless opportunities for success and constantly challenged in a safe and engaging way. At CrossFit Kids, we will pull, push, run, throw, climb, lift, squat, jump—and so much more! Workouts are short, constantly varied, and fun!! 

At CrossFit Kids, young athletes will gain muscle strength, cardio-respiratory fitness and general physical preparedness that will translate to better performance in any additional sport, help boost academic performance and build overall confidence. 


Visit to see our membership options and full schedule or reach out to for more information on how to sign up. 

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