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The ‘0027 Throwdown is an annual, local CrossFit competition that will host 60 teams of 2. Teams are co- ed and from the greater Superior/Louisville CrossFit boxes. 

This competition is geared towards the beginner, veteran and enthusiast Crossfitter. Each athlete will receive a T-shirt/tank top and goodie bag from sponsors as part of their registration.

The ‘0027 Throwdown will be hosted by Coal Creek Crossfit and held at Impact Sports in the Superior Sports Stable

(1 Superior Drive, Superior, CO).

The event will take place on Saturday, 

April 29, 2023 from 8am- 2pm.

The competition will consist of 3 workouts and one floater workout. Each workout will have approximately 4 heats. 

As a general rule, if you compete in the RX division of the CrossFit Open, sign your team up for RX. If you usually compete in the scaled division of the Open, sign your team up for scaled. 

The movements and weights for the workouts will be released by April 1st. We will also release videos showing the movements and standards at this point. The rep scheme and time domains for the workouts will not be released until just before the competition.

All athletes will receive heat and lane assignments as well as a score card prior to the competition.

Come join us for a fun competition with your local boxes and enjoy the camaraderie of the '0027 community! 
If you have any questions, please email

Workout 1


-Hang Power Cleans

-Shoulder to Overheads
-Double Unders

RX- 135/95#

Scaled and Masters- 115/75#

Masters and RX- Double Unders 

Scaled- Single Unders 


Workout 2

-Partner Row
-Double Kettlebell Overhead Walking lunges

RX- 35/26# Kettlebells

Scaled and Masters- 26/18# Kettlebells

Workout 3

-Double Dumbbell Box Step Overs

-Double Dumbbell Devils Press

-Double Dumbbell Front Squats

-Pull-up and Bar work increasing in difficulty

RX- 50/35# pair of dumbbells

Scaled and Masters- 35/20# pair of dumbbells

RX and Masters- Pullups, Chest to Bar Pull-ups, and Muscle Ups

* Note on the Muscle ups- RX athletes don't have to have muscle ups- but will score better if they reach these in the workout and can complete them


Scaled- Knee Raises, jumping pull-ups, Jumping Chest to Bar Pull-ups 

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*One Sign Up Per Team

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